Book Review – Winters and Somers by Glenys O’Connell

imageCiara Somers is an Irish PI who has her own independent agency. However, she hasn’t gotten any real cases yet, so she is keeping busy checking out the “temptability” of spouses suspected of cheating. This isn’t the kind of cases she really wants to do, but it pays the bills. Everything is working well enough until her roommate tells her she is moving out of their flat and in with her boyfriend because she’s pregnant. Now Ciara needs to find a new roommate and fast!

Enter Jonathan Winters, NYC homicide detective and romance writer extraordinaire. He is suave and debonaire and women swoon when he is around. He enters Ciara’s life and takes over before she even knows what’s happening. Suddenly she finds him ensconced in her flat and he is her partner in her PI agency. He is putting out ads about the agency and working on them getting honest cases, so Ciara doesn’t have to be on the streets anymore. For some reason, from the get-go, Jonathan assumes Ciara is working as a hooker and the PI agency is just a front and he wants to make an honest woman of her.

There is a lot of sexual tension between Ciara and Jonathan. There is mutual attraction, but something always gets in the way of anything ever happening except for kissing. You can feel their frustration throughout the book.

When Ciara and Jonathan finally get their first case, it is at the behest of her paternal grandfather, a man for whom Ciara has no respect. During the case, Ciara learns the true story of her father’s death and there is some healing in her family over the loss.

Although I enjoyed this book, I felt that it ended rather abruptly. It felt like there should have been another chapter before the very end. I would love to see this turned into a series. It would be so much fun revisiting all these characters!


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